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"I was lucky enough to have an intuitive healing session with Laura at a very challenging moment in my life. Our one session together was really powerful and shifted my energy completely. The work with the pendulum illuminated many emotional patterns I was carrying, not just from my own childhood experience but also inherited from my mother and grandmother. Once I was able to see and understand these patterns, we did some movement, breath and meditation to release them. I left truly changed and was able to approach challenging life decisions with clarity and peace. Laura has a beautiful grounded, loving energy and capacity to hold space for reaIly difficult emotions. I am so grateful for Laura and highly recommend her work to anyone seeking clarity, healing or greater self-understanding."

Co-Founder, Inheritance Project & Yoga Teacher


Hey, I'm Laura

the founder of

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It's my mission  to serve you on your truly individual life journey as
holistic healing guide

focusing on the art of
Let me empower you by guiding you beyond our social conditioning, by gently pushing you out of your old ways, into remembrance of who you are, what you need & what you came here to do.


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In my intuitive mentoring & emotional healing sessions, I'll empower you to become the master of your life.

You are here to live, enjoy, love, play & realise your true potential. I know how we easily feel trapped in a routine that is exhausting, that depletes us of our natural glow & leaves us in the energy of lack and disconnect from our passion.

But this isn't normal and it's not what life's supposed to feel like! We are spiritual beings, asked to live our authentic expression, learn our lessons, and have lots of fun along the way.

Our power is our choice. Making aligned choices that are supportive of who we are & what we desire will set us free.

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