Are you ready to transform your life?

••• Welcome, dear searching  Soul •••


Please get comfortable, take a deep breath &

allow yourself to tap into the sweet wisdom of your heart.


What is it telling you these days?

Do you wake up already feeling heavy and dreading to get out of bed?


Are you feeling disconnected from yourself, your passion and the people around you?

Do you generally feel burned out from trying to perform in a world that's asking more from you than you might be able to deliver? Feel that you're simply not good enough?

Perhaps you, your heart & soul are longing for change, but don’t quite know where to start, or maybe things have already started to change and you’re feeling alone in your journey?

Do you desire to feel energized, nourished & turned on by your day to day life?

Are you looking for a guide who can open you to different perspectives and take you beyond where you currently are?


Yes, I

feel you.

Actually, I am you.


It's my pleasure to support you on your unique transformation

into a life that doesn't just look pretty from the outside but actually

feels amazing.

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••• Nina •••
Yoga Teacher, Facilitator, Priestess

"I can genuinely recommend Laura's creations. Her guidance comes from an absolute heart-centered space and the knowledge and wisdom she brings in is hugely impressive. I felt super safe with her straight away and just knew in my gut, that she is doing what she has been born to do: To be a healer. Grounded in Mother Earth, in herself and aligned in her soul mission: If her offering is attracting you even in the slightest way, absolutely go for it."

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••• Ginette •••
Coach, Founder of "The Talented Mind"

"I recently had a session with Laura – it was fabulous. We started with the most amazing meditation I have ever done, which left me feeling so connected and aligned with my inner self. Laura’s knowledge and passion about Ayurveda is evident. She expertly listened to me and guided me throughout the session, which meant by the end of the session she clearly understood my Ayurvedic needs. Laura gave me some super useful tips and tools to help me re-balance my body, mind and energy. The results were not overwhelming, or difficult to start introducing into my daily routine. In fact I felt so inspired to put her advice into action that I started making the changes the very next day!
I highly recommend Laura’s services to anyone – especially to those who are feeling a little off balance."


••• Rosie •••
Artist, Writer, Yoga Teacher

"My Session with Laura was a game-changer. I found her so intuitive and insightful in this field. It was an entirely personalised consultation, taking into consideration many different aspects of my body functions, behaviours and lifestyle choices. Her recommendations supported both my dosha types, were realistically achievable and made complete sense - as she compassionately explains each detail. She helped me to learn about my own mind-body connection in a way I have never experienced before. Nothing is more important."


Hey, I'm Laura

the founder of

••• Intuitive Wisdom •••.
It's my mission  to serve you on your truly individual life journey as spiritual mentor & holistic healing guide
focusing on the art of
Let me empower you by guiding you beyond our social conditioning, by gently pushing you out of your old ways, into remembrance of who you are, what you need & what you came here to do.


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In my intuitive life coaching & emotional healing sessions, I'll empower you to become the master of your life. YOU are here to live, enjoy, love & play. I know how easily we can feel trapped in a routine that feels exhausting, that depletes us of our natural glow & leaves us in the energy of lack and disconnect from our passion.

But this isn't normal and it's not what life's supposed to feel like! We are spiritual beings, asked to live our authentic expression, learn our lessons, and have lots of fun along the way.

If any of this resonates and sparks a glimpse of hope in your heart, click the link below and take a look at my current offerings:

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