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Hey, I'm

and it's my pleasure to support you on your self-love journey.

There were times in my life when I felt lost, hopeless, stuck, have given away my power completely by falling into dependency. These challenges, we can also call them initiations, let me back to taking ownership over my life.

Now, let me support you in claiming back your power.

We don't need to do it alone.
Let's get to know eachother:



I'm a fierce lioness with a lot of love

for all things mystical, natural, sacred, cyclical, beautiful & innovative,

31 years old and currently living in beautiful  Berlin (Germany).

I'm super excited that you're here to learn more about my life, my work & passions.



Holistic healing isn’t just what I do as a mentor, it’s what I live every day; guided by the values of freedom, trust & love.


To live a life of freedom to me means to step fully into my own sovereignty, by detaching from social conditioning, living in awareness, and taking responsibility for my health, my choices, my words.


I believe in bringing awareness to the root cause of any imbalance, rather than looking only at the symptoms, which are usually the most visible piece of the puzzle. I struggled with alcohol abuse for many years. People around me told me I just needed to stop drinking, but that was my technique for covering up the discomfort I felt about being my true self and the lack of connection I experienced as a result. It was only when I understood this and began to investigate my addictive personality, I realised that my energy could also be channelled into more balanced pursuits. 


It’s only when we know ourselves fully, our light and our darkness, who we are and what we need that we can make aligned choices that support us.


There have been many times in my life where I have chosen to trust my own intuition, over external opinions, despite it not always being the easiest path. What has supported me in doing so is trusting that I am not alone in this journey, I am safe, I am guided, I am held.


Love is the root of all,

& self-love is where it begins.

When I love myself I am able to take care of my being, make choices that are good for me and have compassion for the choices I make that aren’t, knowing it is all part of my journey. Loving myself enables me to love others, to co-create relationships that are healthy, rather than depleting, and authentic, rather than forced. I am in service of myself first, which in turn enables me to be in service of others.

This is how I chose to show up in this world.

A lifestyle that I feed my time, energy & dedication into.

An art that is growing with me every step that I go.


And exactly what I will share with you in our time together.



•••  My certifications & fields of study •••

Ayurveda -

the Science of Life

>> Ayurvedic Cooking & Nutrition, Mysore Ayurveda Academy & Wellness Center

>> Ayurveda Wellness Coach 300h, Shakti School (ongoing)

>> Holistic & Sacred Cyclical Living

>> Intuitive Eating & Food as Medicine

Yoga &



>> Yoga Teacher Training 200h, YiA School for Personal Transformation & Yoga

>> Yin Yoga Teacher Training , Arhanta Online Academy

>> Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Medicine (ongoing)

Aromatherapy &


Natural Living

>> Aromatherapy Diploma Course, Centre of Excellence

>> Young Living Essential Oils Distributor

>> Aura Massages

>> DIY Self-Care Products, Teas, Upcycling

Intuitive Arts, etc.

>> Intro to Spiritual Life Coaching, Soul Awakening Academy

>> Life Coaching Certification, New Skills Academy

>> Intuitive Tarot

>> Dowsing, Channeling, Mediumship

>> B.A. Political Science & British Studies




Credit & Gratitude


Mario Prestán (@marioprestanphoto)

Rosie Moe Tuesday (@rosiemoetuesday)

Katrin Hassler (@stilschwester)


Theresa Joune (@the_resa_illustration)


Alice Carder, Coach for Women on a Mission & Holistic Biz Mentor

( @theselfevolutioncoach)

Visual Branding:

Rachel, Embodied Brand Coach & Designer


And last but not least, a massive thank you to my family, my friends, my guides & angels! I am beyond grateful for your unconditional love & support!


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