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The Ancient Indian

Science of Life

I don't know about you, but I love to listen to stories and theories that explain everyday things in a new light. All of a sudden, with a change of perspective, the mundane can become fascinating,

even magic.

That's why I adore Ayurveda. It takes the seemingly ordinary & reveals to us its true depth, mystery & potential.

You see, Ayurveda is much more than healthy food options seasoned with cumin & fennel seeds, it's a Lifestyle that invites you to come back home to yourself.

Are you curious about how to start your Ayurveda Journey? Let's meet for a Self-love Session, where we'll find out your


Mind-Body Type

and explore what this means for you.

What is Ayurveda?

As the "Mother of all Medicine", Ayurveda has been passed on orally in India from generation to generation long before its profound wisdom on living a life in balance was written down in the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of Hinduism, over 3000 years ago.

The foundational theory behind Ayurveda, which roughly translates to "Science of Life", is that all living & non-living beings consist of a unique composition of the 5 elements - space, air, fire, water & earth - which is explained in our personal Mind-Body Type or Prakruti in Sanskrit.

We humans are deeply connected to nature. Created from the same matter, but just as every rock, tree or creature on this planet, unique in shape, size & soul. This connection explains how we are diversely influenced by our surroundings, like weather or seasons, the people we hang out with, the music we listen to and also by the food or lifestyle choices we make, for all of this can shake up our natural harmony by introducing more of a certain element into our system than we actually need.

Let me give you some examples: Air is basically the moving force in our body and mind but excess air lifts us off the ground, leaving us feeling anxious, stressed & restless. Excess fire causes inflammation, irritability & anger. The lack of fire, on the other hand, weakens our digestion & our drive. The earth element keeps us grounded & nourished, too much of it causes us to feel heavy, depressed or stuck.

Like increases Like

and Opposites create Balance.

By introducing one simple yet powerful technique into our daily life, we'll soon feel a big difference. Instead of providing us with a whole list of dos & don'ts, Ayurveda encourages us to pay close attention to your body & mind's signals, to really pay attention to how we feel, the state of our digestion, our moods, and of course how we're currently nourishing ourselves. 


Only then, by being completely honest with ourselves, we can start to include small balancing acts into our days, meals & routines. But how do we know what is balancing?

According to Ayurveda, it's always the opposite.

When we are stressed, restless and worried, due, let's say, to a deadline at work, the key to finding more peace wouldn't be pulling an all-nighter and hustling more, as this would just further worsen our initial scenario. Instead, we want to take a break, for example go out for a walk in nature, prepare a warming & grounding meal, and focus on taking deep breaths. "But how will this help me with my deadline?"

I hear you say.

Our Well-Being influences our Performance

We create differently when we feel good. Once we're in the right head-space to focus on the task at hand with ease, we can lean back and trust in our abilities. All will be done right on time, and honestly, if not, there's literally nothing we can change about it anyway, because we can only ever do our best.

We are humans, after all.


Can you see how our self-talk matters?


Beauty, longevity, glow, confidence, self-esteem, & authenticity have a whole lot to do with how we treat ourselves, and this is exactly how we can improve all aspects of our life by committing to our own well-being first.

The Ayurvedic Mind-Body-Type

We humans like to put things in little, labeled boxes. While we can cause quite some harm with this act of separation, we are also making it a lot easier for us to identify our reality. Of course, the nature of our mind, body & soul is vastly complex, but learning more about our tendencies by finding out which elements are currently predominant in our constitution can be very helpful in creating a healthier & balanced life and in fostering unapologetic compassion for the truly unique being that we are.

Our Mind-Body Type is basically the blue-print with which we are born. It carries information about our maternal & paternal lineage, the state of health of our mothers while carrying us in their bellies, and many other little details that all influence the person we're becoming.

This constitution never changes, it will always be our very unique "nature", but as we evolve in our human experience, we become influenced by many external factors - like social conditioning, expectations, pollution, or experiences that shape us - and those factors can cause us to drift away from our original essence and turn into our "personal challenges", which can, for example, manifest as disease, living a life that doesn't fulfill our soul and not fully realising our potential.

An Ayurvedic lifestyle aims to push away this thick veil of clouded judgement and eliminate all the stuff that is keeping us from living our happiest, healthiest & most authentic expression -

short & sweet: we come back home to ourselves.

Are you ready? Then let's start by finding out more about your individual Mind-Body Type

and your current imbalances in a 60-min Self-Love Session, which gives you a great starting point for your own Ayurveda journey.

In case you want to be further guided towards transformation & holistic health, please check out

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