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Dosha Call

Let's explore your

Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type

>> better self-awareness

>> your first step into an Ayurvedic Lifestyle


Do you love learning new things about yourself?

Would you like to know better how to support yourself on a daily basis?

Do you ever wonder how and why your surroundings (like the weather or seasons) affect you?

Are you curious about your natural tendencies & strengths?

Would you love to include Ayurveda into your life but you don't know where to begin?

Then this 60 min session is for you. We'll find out your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type and explore how this new-found knowledge can be of benefit to you in your everyday life. I'll explain the basic principles of Ayurveda in a way that makes sense to you and will empower you to start making small but powerful changes for a more balanced life.


Dosha Call

1 Mind-Body Type Test

1 Session (60 Minutes)

in German or English

Online via Zoom

44,00 €



"I recently had an Ayurveda consultation with Laura – the session was fabulous. We started with the most amazing meditation I have ever done, which left me feeling so connected and aligned with my inner self. Laura’s knowledge and passion about Ayurveda is evident. She expertly listened to me and guided me throughout the session, which meant by the end of the session she clearly understood my Ayurvedic needs. Laura gave me some super useful tips and tools to help me re-balance my body, mind and energy. The results were not overwhelming, or difficult to start introducing into my daily routine. In fact I felt so inspired to put her advice into action that I started making the changes the very next day!
I highly recommend Laura’s services to anyone – especially to those who are feeling a little off balance."

- Ginette


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