Sinnliches Tanzen

Intentional Dance

Virtual Ecstatic Dance

next one: 14th May

We gather online in a safe container to shake our booties, loosen the mind, free ourselves from stagnant energy & all that is weighing us down.

In community we let the beat carry us away, share ecstasy & bliss, celebrate our bodies & our sacred sensuality.

All you need is ~90 minutes of time & a space where you can feel undisturbed to let yourself be.

If you'd rather not be witnessed in movement - just turn off your camera & we'll still be energetically connected.

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••• What to expect •••

Introduction & connection ritual

Intention setting

~ 45 min of intuitive, ecstatic movement

Integration & reflection time

••• All you need to know •••

Monthly free event

Next date: 14.05.2021

8 p.m. CEST (German Time)
~ 90 minutes

••• Donations •••
Because dancing, is a powerful expression of freedom, it is my wish to raise awareness for NGOs (with focus on human rights) & collectively give to those who are facing injustice,

oppression, hunger or worse. 

I have decided to dedicate this months event to KhaanaChahiye, a campaign that are ensures that the most vulnerable population in Mumbai has access to food during these challenging times. They are currently working closely with hospitals, orphanages, old-age homes, mental health institutions, prisons and LGBTQ+ support groups. Please find more information here:


*Donations are always OPTIONAL! Please don't feel like you can't join to dance because you currently lack funds or simply don't feel like making a donation.

>> Please send your donations

via Paypal.

Rules •••
This is a safe space for ALL: We come together as a loving, accepting & compassionate community inclusive of gender, race & class.

no filming/picture taking of other participants
no judgment directed to other participants (or self), no hate speech, no harmful comments
no substances advised: you are your own boss, but I highly recommend using this opportunity as a way to connect to self without the influence of other substances.

Questions? Please get in touch here.