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Intuitive Guidance

Emotional Healing Session

Do you feel that something is off lately but you struggle to get to the root cause of the emotional/energetic/physical imbalance?

Do you find yourself constantly holding back from manifesting the life of your dreams?

Do you suffer from intense emotional outbursts without understanding where they are coming from?

Are you standing at a crossroads in life, and are seeking for clarity or confirmation?

Then let's call on some higher guidance to find answers to your questions.

We will utilise the pendulum to receive clear messages from your subconsciousness

and our spiritual teams

to identify the lessons you're ready to learn, to drop the old baggage &

break free.

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"I was lucky enough to have an intuitive healing session with Laura at a very challenging moment in my life. Our one session together was really powerful and shifted my energy completely. The work with the pendulum illuminated many emotional patterns I was carrying, not just from my own childhood experience but also inherited from my mother and grandmother. Once I was able to see and understand these patterns, we did some movement, breath and meditation to release them. I left truly changed and was able to approach challenging life decisions with clarity and peace. Laura has a beautiful grounded, loving energy and capacity to hold space for reaIly difficult emotions. I am so grateful for Laura and highly recommend her work to anyone seeking clarity, healing or greater self-understanding."



Co-Founder, Inheritance Project & Yoga Teacher



My Emotional Healing session with Laura was deeply transformative. In one session I released 1000lbs of grief I’d been carrying in my chest space for… literally years. The way Laura held such grounded, sacred space for me made it feel safe to let these emotions rise to the surface to be seen, healed and released. She was there with me every step of the way and I walked away feeling so much more compassion for myself and just light as a feather. Highly highly highly recommend you receive an Emotional Healing Session with Laura. I’ll definitely be back. Thank you so much Laura!!!



Founder of Energetic Marketing, Marketing & Human Design Specialist

“Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.

- Carl Jung

Are you feeling the call to look deep within to take ownership over what is currently unconsciously directing your life?

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