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Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Emotional Healing Session

Do you feel that something is off lately but you struggle to get to the root cause of the emotional imbalance?

Do you find yourself holding back from manifesting the life of your dreams?

Are you trapped in a cycle of experiencing the same situation again & again without finding release?

Do you suffer from intense emotional outbursts without understanding where they are coming from?

Then let's call on some higher guidance to find answers to your questions.

We will utilise the Pendulum to receive clear messages from your subconsciousness

and our spiritual teams

to identify the emotions that are currently standing in your way or come back to haunt you

over and over again.

By gaining awareness on what emotion is blocking you, we can clear the pathway and enable you to break free.

••• Testimonial•••

I had such an amazing Intuitive Guidance session with Laura! I'm so grateful that she is sharing her gift with the world. I uncovered not only feelings that are holding me back in my business but also some of the deeper stories behind them from my childhood + even passed down from my mother. This sessions has opened up a conversation with myself to continue doing the inner healing. Thank you Laura!

Ashley - Founder of Claim Your Magic, Purpose & Biz Coach

••• But how exactly does this work? •••

Our body stores experiences, emotions & memories in each and every cell, no matter if they are pleasant, like a beautiful evening with a person you love,  or rather negative, like the time when your father got so mad with you and you felt incredibly guilty, ashamed and like a failure.

Some of those are very obvious to us, because we still have clear pictures of said experience in our head. Others are only remembered by our nervous system & subconscious mind.

And this is exactly where we dive in.



Why is is important to go deep

into the subconscious mind?



Considering the law of attraction, we call in what we already have, or actually are. Now we need to understand that all stored emotions, even when we are not aware of them, are calling in more


of those low frequency energies.

These stored emotions are often also connected to limiting beliefs. Just the other day I uncovered a traumatic experience I have lived in my childhood. I wasn't aware of it, yet, this memory I've held in my body caused me, or let's say my subconscious self, to believe that I only cause chaos and pain. Can you imagine what I've (unconsciously) called in my whole life? Exactly, chaos & pain.

Being aware of these convictions formed in early years, trough traumatic experiences or sometimes even inherited trauma from our ancestors,

empowers us to let go of the old narrative and write our very own story.



What to expect:


In the beginning of our session, we have the chance to talk about your intention. Is there something specific you wish guidance on? This could be a roadblock in your job, your relationship to others or to yourself. Maybe you're already noticing certain patterns, like always pulling back once you are just one step away from reaching the finish line. Or that you tend to cause a fight at the end of a very beautiful day with your partner. It could also be the case that you just generally feel low in energy, stagnant, or disconnected and wish some more guidance on the root cause of this.

After setting the intiontion for our session, we'll continue with a beautifully grounding meditation, and will use the pendulum to identify the emotions that are responsible for your current struggles with the help of the chart of emotions created by and used in the practice Emotion Code.

Once we've identified the emotion, we'll call it in in order to feel it, witness it & give it space. You will receive messages on when this emotional memory has formed in your life and enable yourself to connect to this part of you that is keeping the trauma alive, to tell your inner child, or subconscious mind, that it's safe now to release the emotion, heal and move forward with your life.


Intuitive Guidance

1 Intuitive Emotional Healing Session

in German or English

Online via Zoom

111,00 € for 90 Min


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“Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.

- Carl Jung


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