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"As a farmer ploughs a field and makes the ground soft, a yogi ploughs his nerves so they can germinate and make a better life. This practice of yoga is to remove weeds from the body so that the garden can grow. If the ground is too hard, what life can grow there? If the body is too stiff and the mind too rigid, what life can it live?"

- Iyengar, Light on Life

What is Yoga?

Yoga, originating in South Asia, is the ancient holistic science of dedicating to the eightfold path of self-enlightenment. Next to the physical practice, which softens the body & mind, it's teaching us to find stillness, live according to certain virtues, like non-violence & truthfulness and finally, to reach a higher state of consciousness by connecting to our innate self.

One translation of the word Yoga is "union":

Union of body, mind & soul, of all human beings & a union with the Divine, whatever this means for you.

While traditionally Yoga is connected to a spiritual practice, you can start by enjoying the movement, meditation & breathing for its many benefits on your physical & mental body.



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of a steady physical practice:

>> Reduces Stress & Anxiety

>> Builds Muscle & Improves Flexibility

>> Protects our Spine

>> Increases Blood Flow, Lowers Blood Pressure

>> Improves hormonal balance

>> Helps us Focus

>> Lifts our Mood

>> Enhances our Sleep

>> Increases Self-esteem & Body Connection

>> Drains our Lymph and Boosts Immunity

>> Gives Peace of Mind

>> Builds Awareness for Transformation

••• What Yoga means to me personally •••

I fell in love with the practice right from the very beginning: In my early 20s, when finishing up my Bachelor's thesis, I went to my very first Yoga class at the local gym and was blown away by the impact it had on my mental wellbeing. The practice calmed my ever-restless mind immensely. Back then, I lacked the discipline and drive to make it a regular practice, but when it was time to turn my life around, Yoga became my constant companion. I had recently quit drinking & understood that I needed something to fill in this huge gap that partying left behind. What better way to detox then committing to physical movement & mindful observation of breath?

Up until my yoga teacher training, I hadn't spent much time with myself. I was chasing "a purpose", feeling so restless and kind of lost. I thought I would find this deeper understanding of what I'm meant to do with my life outside of myself, when in reality the key for everything has always been hiding right inside my heart. Nobody had ever asked me about my values before, so when I sat down in a circle of like-minded women for the first time, granting myself space to reflect on who I actually am, everything started  to change.

My yoga journey started in a deep & dark hole, and I am eternally grateful for this practice because it helped me gain physical & mental strength, sharpen my focus,

lift the heavy veil of social conditioning & expectations.

For me, yoga means liberation. It means being present in the now.

Yoga has changed my life

& I know it can change yours, too.

 ••• Testimonials •••

Laura’s yin class feels like smooth jazz dipped in honey for the soul. Her knowledge of anatomy and energy points in the body helped me to totally melt into the postures. I completely gave in, and let myself ‘be’ in her presence, listening to the calming wisdom of her voice. Time disintegrated and I felt so relaxed and connected to my body. Highly recommend, any time of day, any day of the week.

- Rosie

I have been taking Yoga classes with Laura since March and I highly recommend her because she's very professional, and the strategies she uses to teach Yoga are awesome. During this quarantine period, I have continued to take yoga classes with her online and it has really helped me to stay calm, be able to concentrate, and better organise my thoughts during these difficult times. I never understood how Yoga worked or what its purpose was until I met Laura. I have benefited a lot from her yoga classes. I feel like somehow Yoga has helped me to empower myself and overcome many of my fears. Thank you, Laura, for being such a caring and patient Yoga teacher.

- Lili


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Private Yoga Class

Yoga is like everything in life - there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution that equally pleases everyone. Especially if you're currently dealing with injuries or pain in your physical body, or with mental illness or trauma, only a private practice can truly support you.

In my private Yoga sessions, I make sure that you enjoy a truly individual practice that is aligned to your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type, benefits you in all aspects of you being & leaves you fully grounded and relaxed.

Next to a transformation in your body, we can target specific topics that support your holistic life's journey. I'm not just your yoga instructor, I'm your friend, your guide, your student.

Our time together will empower you off your yoga mat too, bringing in more peace, ease & willpower.

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I teach the following yoga styles:



In Yin Yoga, seated & supine poses are held for 2-5 minutes to invite stillness and release tension from our connective tissues. Instead of actively working with our muscles, we practice letting go and allow ourselves to fully surrender into the poses. We soften our body & mind.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing practice where movement meets breath. It's about mindfully transitioning from one pose to the next, almost like a beautiful dance. It is a true cardio practice that elevates your heart rate and makes you sweat. It boosts your creativity & energy levels.

Yoga Nidra

Also called "the yogic sleep", in Yoga Nidra we only let our soul wander. In complete stillness, while lying comfortably on your back, I will take you on a guided journey through your body & mind. This practice is relaxation in its purest form: it connects you to your body & soothes your mind.