Introduction of the Doshas, Balance & Disease (+ Quick Dosha Test)

Updated: Jul 20

Doshas are the representation of the five elements in our body, mind & soul. We all are a unique composition of all three Doshas – Vata, Pitta & Kapha – since we, as all living and non-living beings, consist of the five elements.

We need Space in our empty cavities, Air that streams into our lungs, Fire that starts our metabolism, Water that fills our cells & Earth that gives us structure. But the Elements, and therefore also the Doshas, have much more meaning than simply shaping the vessel that we live in. They also determine how our mind works, which preferences in regards to food or weather we have and what our challenges are in life.

The interplay of the Doshas of each person is summed up in their Mind-Body Type, which is translated from the Sanskrit original "Prakruti". It reflects your natural state at conception; your true essence. The Prakruti is unique and totally individual for each person, because there are no two people on this planet who share the exact same constitution. This is one aspect of Ayurveda that truly fascinates me: The awareness that each person needs to be treated as individual.

Usually, people have one or two Doshas that are predominant within their constitution but it is also possible that all three Doshas are present in equal quantities, which then would be called “Tridoshic”.

All Doshas can occur in a state of balance - meaning that everything functions at its very best - or they can shift out of balance and therefore cause the development of disease in our body, organs and mind. I need to mention that right now I am using the word “disease” literally as the absence of "ease" but if the imbalance is denied or avoided and balance is not restored in the long term, then this right here is the source of all illness: no matter if we talk about skin issues, indigestion, diabetes or arthritis.

Imbalances occur whenever the natural balance of the elements within us gets shaken up, which usually occurs through external influences like food, weather or lifestyle choices. It means that we introduce more of a certain element into our system than we actually need or our body can handle.

This is why balance is so important in Ayurveda: Balance of the elements, of the Doshas, not only improves your health but actually maintains it, offers longevity and enables you to live up to you full potential.

The tricky part is that not just the food we take in or the wind that blows outside have an impact on our personal balance: Also people around us, our daily habits & lifestyle choices, seasons, our age and even the time of the day need to be considered to level things out. As mentioned, everything is connected to a certain element or Dosha and therefore has an impact on us humans. We are basically like plants, we soak up what is around us and it either inspires us to grow or to shrink.

The good news: Your body already knows exactly what it needs. Your intuition, your instincts, will give you great advice on how to manage balance - all you need to do is truly listen.

But now, without further ado, let me tell you a little something about the three Doshas - Vata, Pitta & Kapha – followed by a quick quiz that aims to help you to gain more understanding about your predominant Dosha or Mind-Body Type.