Release Ritual: Evoke Your Fire & Transform

We as individuals and the world around us are constantly moving & changing. This can be really scary, because it means that often times we need to say “goodbye” to people that we thought would stay in our lives forever. But it’s not just people we hold on to: it can be vices like indulging in chocolate or wine, it can be pain of past traumas that comes back to haunt us once a month or a crippling fear that is preventing us from fully stepping into our power.

Whatever comes up for you, the following Fire Release Ritual will help you to set a strong intention and fire up your determination for moving on with your life. A ritual doesn’t just free you energetically from this person/emotion/outdated belief/vice that you are longing to drop but it also sends a strong message out into the Universe to support you in your life’s journey forward.

The most potent time for this ritual is every month around the full moon (± 3 days) but it really can be performed whenever it feels right for you.


What you will need:

  • Your journal/piece of paper & a pen

  • Candle

  • Fire-proof vessel

  • Symbol for the person/belief/vice/emotion you want to let go of: this could be a picture, a souvenir, our you could even create a little drawing with symbols that carry meaning for you

  • Seed (optional)


Before you start take time to become crystal clear about your feelings:

Often times we are so stuck up in our heads, the thoughts keep on spinning and we lose

sight of what our heart is telling us. To bring some structure back into your mind and

maybe even uncover feelings that have been hiding behind all the chatter, I encourage you to journal about the relationship/belief/emotion that you are longing to let go of. Allow a stream of consciousness, don’t worry about spelling or punctuation but let your ideas flow freely onto paper until there is nothing left to say. If it feels more natural to you, you could also create a voice note and speak your ideas out loud.

Create a sacred space:

To set the right mood for your ritual, I advise you to create a sacred space for

yourself. Find a setting that feels comforting and safe (meaning where you can be

undisturbed for at least 30 minutes) and decorate it according to your taste & needs. If you wish, you can use some sage to clear the energy around you, bring some crystals & essential oils or call in your spirits to support you in the process. Be as creative as you want to be and find out what feels right for you. When you are done, find a comfortable seat, equipped with your pen & paper, a symbol/picture of the person/emotion/belief you want to release and start the ritual by lighting your candle, placing it in front of you.

Express gratitude:

I love looking at the bright side of my experiences and understand even the worst situations as valuable life lessons. Expressing gratitude allows your heart to be free itself from all the pain you have endured, in order to move past it. That is why as your first step, I invite you to take your sheet of paper and write down which purpose the relationship/belief/emotion has fulfilled in your life, what you are grateful for and what you have learned.

Set your intention:

In the next step, write out, on the same paper, that you are now choosing to let go and

state what brought you to this point. Why is it so important for you to step away now? Where is this decision coming from?

I encourage you to fold up the paper and keep it in a safe space. It serves as your "written contract with yourself". You can read it again and again, as many times as you need, after completing the ritual, so that you never forget about your motivation and have your own words hold you accountable.

Evoke the fire of transformation:

Take a few moments to gaze deeply into the candle in front of you. Breathe in the fire's transformational powers, feel it sitting deep in your stomach, expanding and warming you from the inside. Take the symbol or picture, light it up at your candle (YOUR fire), while saying the words “I release, I release, I release” loud and clear. Watch it burn down in your fireproof vessel.

Close down the circle by saying “And so it is done” and blow out your candle.

Plant a seed for new beginnings:

When we release, we create space for new, more aligned relationships or opportunities to enter our life. So I encourage you to give the ashes back to Mother Earth and let her transform them into new life. If you so choose, you could even literally plant a seed with your ashes but it can also just be the intention of burying what you have just released and allowing it to grow into something new, something that enriches your life instead.


I hope this ritual can assist you in clearing your path. I have personally felt its transformative powers and can only recommend you to take some time for yourself to connect to your inner fire. If you are unable to break through your blockages yourself & are longing for some guidance, please do not hesitate to contact me. In my Ayurveda Consultations or Ayurvedic Journeys to Self, I am creating safe space for you to drop your old baggage and help you to achieve the transformation you desire.

Sending love & light,


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