Stewed Apples: My favourite Autumn Breakfast of all Times!

Soft, sweet, warming & easy to make: This recipe for stewed apples will brighten up your autumn mornings!

Breakfast might be my most favourite meal of the day. Especially on weekends, I love to prepare brunches with a many small, diverse dishes, because my Vata mind really loves variety on the table. During the week, breakfast needs to be much simpler (and also quicker). Usually I don’t even feel like taking a decision and am happy when I can go for proven staples. What I love about this great Ayurvedic autumn breakfast recipe is that I can still enjoy a variety of flavours, by simply switching up the spices every now and then or taking a different fruit, like pear or plum for example.

These stewed apples can be a beautiful, easily digestible meal all by itself, you can add some seeds and nuts, or you can pour it over some porridge. I also love to enjoy it with some plant based yogurt and a sprinkle of flax seeds & cacao nibs. It is important to mention that according to Ayurveda fruit should never be combined with dairy, so better use oat, pea or soy based products instead.


I really love my apples with cinnamon, cardamom & orange peel - but that’s just me. Other days I add cloves or star anis to the mix, leave other spices or the orange peel out, or substitute orange for lemon. I really encourage you to find your own flavour and be creative with the spices. That’s what I love so much about this dish: It can taste different every day.


Autumn is Vata season, which means that we humans are generally more susceptible for stress, anxiety or restlessness. Also, and I personally feel this one a lot, the heated air inside and wind outside dries out our skin immensely. That’s why we find balance by consuming good oils with our meals. If you are a predominant Vata Dosha then I would suggest to you to use a whole spoon of oil/ghee with this recipe. It will nicely lubricate your digestion and your joints form the insight and make you feel more relaxed and grounded. For Pittas and Kaphas, I would suggest half a tablespoon, since both Dosha should consume a moderate amount of oils. If you struggle with a Vata imbalance due to the change of season or the current weather conditions, please feel free to add more.

*You are not sure which Dosha resonates most with you? Check my blogpost "Introduction of the Dosha, Balance & Disease" which includes a quick Dosha test for you!*

Ingredients (for one person):

  • 1 (organic) Apple

  • 1 teaspoon Cinnamon

  • 3 Cardamom pods<