Warrior Wednesday with Gracy: Take Charge of your Womanhood

The female endocrine system is a delicate and complex one. It requires all of us women to be in touch with it and own it. Due to busy and demanding lifestyles, many of us neglect the importance of looking after our precious feminine.

The body works in a myriad of smart ways to keep the hormonal health in check. It is fascinating how each hormone that goes into the bloodstream has a specific task in keeping our hormonal health balanced.

When our hormones get unbalanced, a wide array of unpleasant conditions builds up from within due to an unhealthy hormonal production. This state of being out of your flow, out of your hormonal balance can translate into diabetes, insomnia, brain fog, mood swings, lack of sexual desire, and even fertility issues.

Productivity vs. Healthy Reproductive System

In most contemporary societies, females are into the competitive corporate business world with little or no time to oneself. Thus, leading to a lack of awareness when it comes to the language of the inner body.

Thousands of modern women deal with period pain, the lack of it, or conditions in the reproductive system in silence.

Life is becoming incredibly fast-paced for the sake of productivity. It is about time to pause, look within, and engage in a relationship with the cycles of the body.

Take time to look within

In these challenging times of social distancing which has changed our routines have drastically, a new way of self-care emerges. The isolation time is a valuable chance to look within, listen to the body and trust its process.

The menstrual cycle is a gift and service provided by nature. It is crucial to connect with our feminine wisdom and creative potential by nurturing the subtle and physical body for healthy periods.

Take time on your own for self-reflection and make an honest evaluation of your menstrual cycle. Answering these questions is the first step towards taking charge of your hormonal health:

Have your periods been painful and heavy throughout the years?

Are they regular on the spot?

Or do you have missing periods?

Are you challenged by frequent mood swings or even depression now and then?

Answering those questions with honesty is empowering. It leads you on the journey to connect body-mind and spirit.

The more you take charge of your hormonal health, the more you glow in womanhood and flow comfortably from one cycle to the other.

Surrendering To The Sacred Womanhood

Advancing to outstanding overall hormonal health takes commitment. It is a journey of trials and errors but a rewarding one. Once you get in touch with the inner body, the potentiality of being a woman unfolds.

Those are simple holistic practices to boost your hormonal production:

Nurturing the Body - Diet

Create healthy balanced eating patterns that provide the body with essential nutrients. Healthy food choices promote hormonal production and balance at its best.

Aim for organically grown food and foods that support good digestion. Includ fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, legumes, sprouts, and an extra amount of healthy fat in your daily meals.

These foods improve bowel movements, rejuvenate, and are detoxifying the body.

Think of food as natures precious medicine. In the words of Hippocrates, “let food be the medicine and medicine be the food”.


Constant lack of sleep can wreak havoc in a woman's body and mind. The body needs sleep to repair and rejuvenate. Researches have shown how poor sleep affects the hormone cortisol.

Cortisol is the hormone in charge of stress response, also known as flight or fight response. Cortisol regulates blood pressure, balances blood sugar, and may increase inflammation in the body if unbalanced.

A certain amount of this hormone is vital to get us moving on our daily activities. The fact is that more women get trapped in chronic stress due to overworked schedules.

The state of chronic stress drains the body over time. Thus, creating the stage for severe hormonal imbalances. Studies have shown how adequate cortisol levels are paramount in regulating sleep.

Consistency is key in creating a bedtime routine that favors quality sleep. Put an intention to retire at the same time every night, make your bedroom a sanctuary to indulge in restful sleep.

Yoga Practice And Meditation

Relaxation is not a privilege limited to a few individuals. It is a conscious choice that leads us, women, to inner balance. It is imperative to create time and space to incorporate routines that integrate the body and mind.

A regular yoga practice assists the body to release stored tension. Releasing stored tension in the physical body is an efficient way to regain focus and mental clarity.

During the physical practice of Yoga (“asanas”), deep breathing is required. Besides that, a variety of breathing techniques are used to calm the nervous system and heal the subtle body.

Controlling the pace of the breath increases concentration, bringing us closer to a meditative state. Meditation is a powerful tool to regulate all bodily systems.

Similar to the body, it is essential to train the mind to be healthy. Surrendering to the inner world by cultivating meditative practices is an instrument for self-transformation.


The demands of modern life may push us away from the core of our beings. Devoting time and space on our own is a healing feminine trait that allows us to look inwards.

May you find a prayerful channel to connect with the powerful woman within. Look at your emotions and express them in a creative flow.

By integrating all aspects and being in tune with your womanhood, life becomes purposeful. Life is a relationship first to yourself by honoring who you are.

The Wise Woman

Becoming more present and listening to the calling of our bodies is empowering. It is time to reclaim the natural state of balance of our menstrual cycles.

The rewards of taking charge of your hormonal health and flow are endless. Take care of your mind-body-soul sanctuary. In the words of the author Jim Roth,”it is the only place you have to live”.


*Editor's Note:

Gracy, a former flight attendant, made the conscious decision to follow her passions and create a life that allows time & space to nourish herself holistically. She tuned in to her wild feminine wisdom and took a step that many of us fear: She left old stability behind and instead chose liberation.

We all have different personalities, different values, different dreams. The one thing we have in common is that we create suffering if we hold ourselves back, if we opt for the safe instead of the aligned option. Therefore, in the name of your wellbeing, listen closely to your body's call. Allow your wisdom to guide you forward in life. Make yourself - your hormonal, energetic & physical health a priority and allow it to take up space in your life. You are worth it, lady!

Once you let go and simply surrender to the flow, things will magically fall into place. Just like the topic of Gracy's article is right on time for my first day of menstruation and totally in line with this Saturday's Online Full Moon Sister's Circle where we unite to celebrate the cycles of life. If you wish to receive more information regarding the event please send me an email to laura@intuitivewisdom.de.

Thank you, Gracy, for sharing your wisdom with us. Please follow her on Instagram @gracy_deandrade to witness her journey as yogini, thai yoga masseuse & wandering, wakening soul.

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