Warrior Wednesday with Kay: My Journey to a Peaceful Mind

It took me over 10 years of practicing yoga on and off to really understand that yoga was more than a way to just keep fit and become flexible.

I cringe slightly with embarrassment as I write that sentence, but it is a good reminder that this is a journey into me and with every step I become a better version of myself. It is also a reminder for me to be patient and to always remember that there is more than one way to live.

Choosing a more holistic life, meant taking a deeper look at myself and the life that I was living.

What happens next after awareness rises?

Once I began doing this, I noticed that I had no solid daily practice. That a few of the

people I shared space with and some of the places I spent my time in, did not nurture

my mind, body and spirit.

I started to question the intelligence of my choices, and it was not long after, that I

conceded that some of my habits had a negative impact on myself and the people

around me. The arguments that I had told myself and my friends to defend these habits

were not holding up so well. I was no longer sure that I needed these habits to live a

good fun life. They seemed to be excuses made up by me and motivated by a fear of the unknown.

The first step was recognising this and admitting it. Then my work began and

slowly I started to become more honest with myself and with every honest admission

and choice, my excuses melted away. I removed or replaced habits that no longer

served me in the way I wanted them to. I started taking responsibility for the choices I

made. I set boundaries where I needed them most and stopped fighting the changes in

my life. I accepted that my old life no longer existed and that I was ready to live with

least resistance and accept a new life, that the Universe had in store for me.

Let the transformation begin...

My journey into discovering more about yoga really began when I decided to do my first

200hr Yoga Teacher Training course.

Delving into more than just the physical practice, started to show me how balanced and

connected I felt as a person when I had a consistent daily practice. I looked back at my

life and remembered how I had always enjoyed and appreciated mindfulness practices.

That I had used them through the years to help me rediscover myself, to reduce the

stress in my life and to help me sleep when the chatter of mind wouldn’t stop for long

enough to allow me to rest.

I have always thought it is important to be physically fit and have worked hard to

maintain a base fitness throughout my life. Through that physical exercise has been my

haven from the challenges of life. At times it has been the main feature and has kept my

head above water and at other times it has taken up a more leisurely pace. After implementing a solid daily practice I learnt that yoga was a way of life not a

physical practice.

Moving beyong the physical practice...

I learnt that Yoga is about reaching higher levels of consciousness and seeking

enlightenment. That it is part of everything in my life. The Asanas are a way of

strengthening my body and using my breathing to connect with my intention to slow

down and focus on the present moment. With regular and consistent practice my body

has become healthy and my mind is able to focus with little to no distraction. Allowing

me to remain in meditation for long periods of time. This meditation allows me the time

for self-discovery and is the grounding of my spiritual practice.

In the beginning sitting for 10 mins with my eyes closed, trying to meditate, seemed a

waste of time. My mind went into overdrive, digging up thoughts and problems that

demanded my immediate attention. When I ignored this chaos of thoughts, my mind

presented lists of things I hadn’t yet done and before I could even consider ignoring

these lists it opened up a bag of guilt to run riot through my mind. When the guilt wasn’t

singing its accusatory tune, self-doubt took its place. What did I think I was doing ?

What would this achieve ? Did I think there was an easy way to life and that I would

close my eyes and when I opened them I had all the answers and all my problems had


"With the change of pace came peace of mind."

It was complete mayhem for a while and then, it started to slow down and with the

change of pace came peace of mind.

To my surprise I learned to trust and to connect with mother earth and living things

around me. I learned to give gratitude for my life and its existence. This opened doors to

a world I didn't even know existed. I began to live intentionally and to open up to the

universal buffet of abundance.

Learning to live this life of least resistance has made me see that my life is a true gift

and all I need to do is keep learning and growing my awareness.

One of the best lessons I have learned is not attaching my happiness to anyone or

anything and becoming truly free and happy!

I would love to help others achieve their own peace of mind and personal goals, through Yoga, Health and Wellness coaching, retreats and adventure tours.

If you feel like you would like to make some lifestyle changes or you have goals you

want to achieve physically or spiritually please contact me on kay@warmheartadventures.com

Kay de Silva


*Editor's Note:

Kay is living in Malawi - teaching Yoga, empowering others as a Health & Wellness Coach, owning a lodge & tour company and consulting other hospitality businesses. She is truly living the dream in a picture perfect paradise and you can feel the sun shining through her warm smile.

What I admire most about her is the courage and power that is sitting behind all those beautiful choices she made while building her life. The awareness that enabled her to let go of old habits and connect to her full potential. The other day, I saw a post where she talked about her morning routine: meditation at 4 am, running, workout & fresh juices. I wasn't surprised: This woman is a power house and I think that all of us should go and let her warming energy inspire us.

Please follow her adventures on Facebook or Instagram at www.instagram.de/kayswarmheartadventures or www.instagram.de/kaysyogalife.

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