Warrior Wednesday with Kay: My Journey to a Peaceful Mind

It took me over 10 years of practicing yoga on and off to really understand that yoga was more than a way to just keep fit and become flexible.

I cringe slightly with embarrassment as I write that sentence, but it is a good reminder that this is a journey into me and with every step I become a better version of myself. It is also a reminder for me to be patient and to always remember that there is more than one way to live.

Choosing a more holistic life, meant taking a deeper look at myself and the life that I was living.

What happens next after awareness rises?

Once I began doing this, I noticed that I had no solid daily practice. That a few of the

people I shared space with and some of the places I spent my time in, did not nurture

my mind, body and spirit.

I started to question the intelligence of my choices, and it was not long after, that I

conceded that some of my habits had a negative impact on myself and the people

around me. The arguments that I had told myself and my friends to defend these habits

were not holding up so well. I was no longer sure that I needed these habits to live a

good fun life. They seemed to be excuses made up by me and motivated by a fear of the unknown.

The first step was recognising this and admitting it. Then my work began and

slowly I started to become more honest with myself and with every honest admission

and choice, my excuses melted away. I removed or replaced habits that no longer

served me in the way I wanted them to. I started taking responsibility for the choices I

made. I set boundaries where I needed them most and stopped fighting the changes in

my life. I accepted that my old life no longer existed and that I was ready to live with

least resistance and accept a new life, that the Universe had in store for me.

Let the transformation begin...