Warrior Wednesday with Tatiana: "The Great Indian Guru” - Fraud in the Name of Love

*Trigger Warning: Sexual & Mental Abuse*

All started with a friend request on Facebook from a kind Indian Yogi, calling himself Yogiraj Abhishek Yogi, aka Thakur Abhishek Singh (his real name).

I checked his Facebook profile: countless posts and pictures of him in big yoga events, photos of him teaching on stage at the International Yoga Day, interviews with journalists, pictures with celebrities and even the President of India. This guy looked like a serious, well established Yogi.

His first messages were very kind: “When you come to India, I will help you, I will receive you, my friend, I will guide you to find the best schools and yoga courses.”

Thakur Abhishek Singh insisted a lot about his dedication to yoga and his great value for India. He even claimed to have paranormal yogic powers and to be a famous healer.

Slowly he started to come up with:

“I need a good friend, hope you will not cheat.”

“I need your support.”

“I want to work with you, if you support me I can do great work. “

Our conversations became regular. While Thakur Abhishek Singh was making plans for future work and partnership, he slowly turned it into a romantic relationship: “You are my life partner”, “You are my dream”.