Warrior Wednesday with V: As we Learn to Swim

As a traveller, we often find ourselves caught between two worlds. One is that of

grounding and finding home. The other is called wanderlust that we hear whispered on

every breeze.

I have travelled around the world for a few years now, teaching yoga in 5 different

countries and exploring many more. And there have been so many moments that steal my

breath in such staggering ways.

There’s that famous saying “you either sink or swim”, but I like to think that no one ever

sinks, we just learn a new way to swim.

There is the confidence that comes with becoming a solo traveller. Being able to step out

from a plane into an unknown place with no idea on currency, language, food or

geography and swimming.

And we usually learn how to swim in the challenges that we face whilst out in the big blue


The good times.

I find myself sometimes just too happy to contain it.

Those times when everything just seems too perfect. I feel too happy for it to last and I

have to register that this will be a time that I remember so fondly. So I take a breath and

do my best to bottle it up.