Warrior Wednesday: Zeynep on our natural union beyond words

What are the criteria of naming somewhere home?

Being born there?

Fighting for her?

Proving your love by locking the door and not letting in anyone?

Carrying some official documents?

Or as they say; is home where the love is?

And what is love anyway?

In the fictional reality that we live, words have a big power since they awaken the feelings that we hold inside. They can cause pain or happiness, anger or excitement. They help us express our passion or our apathy. Words lead to actions and actions make who we are.

We all inhabit in the planet of earth with all the other animals and plants. So logically that is supposed to be our only home. Yet, some covetous, selfish men created the words such as border, race and nation. They built walls, huge ones to divide us. Then, they convinced us to be afraid of the ones that looked different. While we were just one, suddenly there were “us” and “the others”.

We were made to believe that “the others” were dangerous for our existence and we needed to control or destroy them. Nationalism, racism, colonialism, patriarchy, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia. You name it. They are all results of the walls created by those big men and constantly being engraved in our minds.

There are no borders, no countries and no races. We ought not to have these words, nor the words of war or refugee. There is nothing more painful than having to fight constantly for our right to exist as who we are and where we want to be. We all belong to this huge planet we are living in and that is our home. We don’t own it and we have no need to fight for it.

There are no doors nor walls to separate us. Cause we cannot survive without having each other. Each of us is a beautiful and unique tree and our roots are connected to each other. Together we stand, divided we fall.


About the author Zeynep: “A feminist, activist and queer Arab woman who lives and teaches English in Istanbul. Mostly on the streets busy with protesting fascist government and fighting against the cistem.”

*Editor's note: In the meantime, Zeynep had the chance to make her wish come true and move to Cologne, Germany, to live with her soon-to-be wife.

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