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Self-Love Journey

>> Are you very critical and have high expectations of yourself & others? So much so that you find it hard to come to rest?

>> Do you struggle to pay attention to your own needs and put your health first?

>> Are you longing for more peace & passion in life: no matter if in your job, your relationships or home?

>> Do you regularly find yourself reaching for comfort food, alcohol or other substances because you've never learned other ways to comfort yourself?


>> Do you feel left alone with your thoughts and wish for support and guidance on how to finally make some changes and move ahead?


Love is the key to success.

- and self-love is where it begins!

I invite you to embark on this truly transformational journey,

to reconnect to yourself, honour your desires & create a life that lights you up instead of leaving you feeling anxious, depressed or irritated.


You'll see that the more love and awareness you uncover for the person that you are, the more it will spread out into each and every area of your life, no matter if thats your relationships, your work or play.

Maybe you're currently feeling lost, maybe you're struggling to feel good in your skin, maybe your heart is calling for a better work-life balance, or maybe you're struggling to show up as your most beautiful, authentic self - no matter what your initial reason is to start this work, our time will solely be dedicated to reconnecting you with your truth, your light, your love.

The world needs you to stand in your power, so please do us a favour and

start right here, right now.

We need to accept that our uniqueness is our superpower. We'll never be, look, or think the same as our colleagues, our friends or siblings. Instead, let's

embrace who we are,

in all our light and darkness. This is how we shine.



I know how hard it can be to make a change and this is why I'm here

to support you on your journey.

Your Self-love Journey, an intimate, transformational 8-session one on one container, will be individually tailored to your needs - no matter if you're currently feeling off in your career, partnership, relationship to food, health or in your spiritual growth.


That's the amazing thing about holistic healing: It's all connected.

And it all starts with yourself.

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What my clients say:

"I can genuinely recommend Laura's creations. Her guidance comes from an absolute heart-centered space and the knowledge and wisdom she brings in is hugely impressive. I felt super safe with her straight away and just knew in my gut, that she is doing what she has been born to do: To be a healer. Grounded in Mother Earth, in herself and aligned in her soul mission: If her offering is attracting you even in the slightest way, absolutely go for it."


Throughout our time together,

you'll move towards…

>> Understanding, that you have everything you need already inside of you

(I know, this sounds so cliché but damn, it's true!)

>> Pressing the reset button and building a strong, safe foundation

so that you feel safe to unleash your fullest potential

>> Learning how to reconnect to yourself and tap into your intuitive wisdom -

so that you can walk your very own path

>> Forming new habits that feel aligned and support you.

>> Becoming clear on what it is you desire & finally claiming it!

What's part of the Self-Love Journey?

As holistic healer, I've gathered a plethora of healing modalities focusing on the well-being of our body, mind & soul.

At the core of our work together will be the relationship to yourself:

How are you currently treating yourself? How are you speaking to yourself?

How are you budgeting your energy?

And maybe most important of all: What is it you truly desire for yourself?


I'm a firm believer that if we can dream it, we can achieve it - no matter if this is a loving partnership, a thriving career or a resilient body. The world is your oyster, and it's my desire to empower you to find your path  - a path in balance, joy & love.

Next to learning more about yourself and your natural tendencies through self-enquiry and your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type, we'll activate your self-healing powers, reconnect you to your inner guidance system, find out where your strengths are and how you can utelize them to overcome your obstacles and create holistic well-being that nourishes your heart and soul.


Are you ready to say

to yourself, your health, your sovereignty, your passion & potential?


Then let's jump on a free, 30-min discovery call and I'll talk you through our next steps.

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