Self-love Session



Intuitive Holistic Coaching Session

that reconnects you with your Body, Mind & Soul

>> finding awareness & compassion for Self

>> intuitive guidance for your next steps into a life

that feels right


>> Do you feel like you are constantly giving more than you receive?

>> Is it hard for you to find inner peace because you are always striving to become a better version of yourself?

>> Do you often feel exhausted, agitated or worried?

>> Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning?

>> Or struggling to fall asleep at night because there's just so much going on in your head?

>> Do you feel like you're performing 100 different roles each day & completely forget who you actually are?

>> Are you ready to change all that and reconnect to your heart space?

Then my Self-love Sessions

are destined for you.


We're reaching holistic health by loving ourselves:

As cheesy as it sounds, self-love is the root of all great things in our life. By loving ourselves, we make sure our holistic health is our priority, we care for ourselves as well as we care for our loved ones, we make decisions that leave us feeling happy, and we take steps that are hard but the right thing to do.


Self-love will not only improve your relationship to self, but ripple out into all your relationships, your home, your work, your play.

Maybe you're currently feeling lost, maybe you're struggling to feel good in your skin, maybe your heart is calling for a better work-life balance, or maybe you're struggling to show up as your most beautiful, authentic self - no matter what your initial reason is to start this work, our time will solely be dedicated to reconnecting you with your truth:


Together we'll explore what's hiding behind your current struggles, detect habits, patterns & mindset blocks that are no longer serving you, empower you to make new choices that feel nourishing & supportive, and bring you closer to the person you know you can be -

while glowing from the inside out.

••• Testimonial•••

"Laura helped ground me in the moment and really dedicate this time and space to helping me understand how to move forward. She asked me insightful questions to get at the root of my hesitancies and blocks. I highly recommend talking with her if you feel stuck or unsure."

- Brianna



In this session you have the opportunity to voice your truth – the good, the bad & the ugly – in a safe, compassionate & fully confidential environment. We evaluate on your current situation, shine a light on what's working for you & where you have room for improvement. Our goal is to find out how you can support yourself – mind, body, spirit - in the best possible way & keep on showing up for yourself and others.

My Self-love Sessions are for you, if...

>> You feel like you’re on the right track and wish to finetune your self-care practice

>> You have been feeling a little off lately and want to gain clarity on

how to remedy your energy levels

>> You're longing for change in your life but don't know where to start

>> You are stuck in a dark place and need some SOS support in finding your way out.

>> You want to feel into what it’s like to work with me before committing to a journey.


Self-love Session

1 Session (60 Minutes)

in German or English

Online via Zoom



Are you ready to receive more information or say yes to unconditional Self-love?

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and embark on your individual Self-Love Journey.


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