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In my intuitive mentoring & emotional healing sessions, I'll empower you to become the master of your life.

You are here to live, enjoy, love, play & realise your true potential. I know how we easily feel trapped in a routine that is exhausting, that depletes us of our natural glow & leaves us in the energy of lack and disconnect from our passion.

But this isn't normal and it's not what life's supposed to feel like! We are spiritual beings, asked to live our authentic expression, learn our lessons, and have lots of fun along the way.

Our power is our choice. Making aligned choices that are supportive of who we are & what we desire will set us free.

If any of this resonates and sparks a glimpse of hope in your heart, click the link below and take a look at my current offerings:

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>>Intuitive Guidance<<


Intuitive Emotional Healing Session



Holistic Health Coaching Session





In 8 sessions we journey deep into your body, mind & soul to build a strong, loving foundation for you to thrive holistically.


>>Private YogaClass<



A physical practice that nourishes your body, mind & soul



"I can genuinely recommend Laura's creations. Her guidance comes from an absolute heart-centered space and the knowledge and wisdom she brings in is hugely impressive. I felt super safe with her straight away and just knew in my gut, that she is doing what she has been born to do: To be a healer. Grounded in Mother Earth, in herself and aligned in her soul mission: If her offering is attracting you even in the slightest way, absolutely go for it."

- Nina (Yoga Teacher, Facilitator, Priestess)


I've got you & you've got this.

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